6789 Miles

At LA’s street naming/number epicenter is a sign that marks the city’s sister cities with their distance and direction. Nagoya 5633mi, St Petersburg 5720mi, Giza 7607mi… I found Taipei 6789mi, the city where I came from. The sign accurately quantifies the distance of my present and past with a number and direction. I wonder what 6789 miles means when it cannot be reached by human physical ability. How far can I walk? How far can I see? How far have I traveled? How did I arrive at this place and time from 6789 miles away? When the distance goes beyond our physical ability, the number becomes an enormous cloud like an abstract concept to us. 6789 miles is an ongoing series that captures my thought sailing between the two places, Los Angels and Taipei.

Video/7:59, made by still photograph of funeral home and street view

No. 2, 2015

The cyanotype using sun to deliver a stack of California aroma, bright sunshine, clear sky, blue ocean, and luxury time. For viewer in Taipei Botanic Garden who wanted a stack, I ask for an exchange of an origami boat folded in cartographic images of the ocean from a map of Taiwan.

Cyanotype coated on watercolor paper, nature hemp core, origami paper, each stack has 24 slices and one origami bird.
1 x 3 x 3/4 inches